YachtVillage is the unique Ads portal that is ...

  • free, with unlimited n° of boats - Sign up and see!

YachtVillage gets you

  • assisted boat insertion - press Builder/Model
  • "YachtsForSale" App for the management in mobility: tablet...
  • ... and also "YachtVillage" App to encourage visits

Moreover is the only one that allows you

  • Ads Multiposting
    You can spread the Ads from YachtVillage to other portals with which you have a subscription.

The YachtVillage PUBLICATION MANAGEMENT can target ads on different WEB destinations: YachtVillage, Broker site, Ads portal.
YachtVillage is the preset destination, auto exposure of ads on other portals (Multiposting) is an additional service that is priced at (*):

98 € per semester - no portals without agreed upon
158 € per semester with assisted publication on portals without agreed upon

(*) not including subscriptions to portals to which reference is made

To make this service on, in addition to the price described above, you should communicate to Digibusiness Srl, the credentials of any portal (User id/ Password)

Exposure and synchronization with the Broker site, is a further optional service.

Your customised App

With Digiboat, you can have your own customised app, a new way of making your boats visible.

  • Tell your clients the name of your app; they can highlight it on their own tablets/smartphones and easily view the boats for rental/sale in your Digiboat DB.
  • Those who don't know you but are looking for a boat to buy will be attracted by your app because the name and/or keywords expressed in the description meet the most commonly used search parameters.

    Published Apps

We can customise the apps to present up to 3 offer sections (e.g.: Sales, Charters, News).

Untie your knot!

We have reserved some apps for our clients with a "spotlight" name for those looking for a boat; make one of these apps your own, replace the sea knot with your logo and the app will display your boats.

Prices from €300/year in addition to registration charges (€150 lump sum)

We will consider all requests received between 16 and 23 December.

Businesses that have not yet adopted Digiboat can receive their own app by purchasing DigiPOST: annual fee €300, registration fee €150 lump sum.

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